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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  August 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> the search for answers continues as police track down a killer who shot a man outside his home. the family is pleading for justice. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us tonight. the search for answers continues for the killer who shot a man in home. someone gunned down jonathan jay charles pierre and took off. today, his family begged the public for help. >> reporter: that's right josh. they want answers. who shot jay and why. they want someone to come forward and help them get closure. >> if you are a mother, you know it is not easy. >> reporter: a mother's desperate plea for help. >> i'm asking ... anybody who knows anything
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please come forward. >> reporter: standing strong beside her, jay's son, holding a picture of his dad. >> they not only killed him, they killed me. they killed him. they killed us. and it is very hard. >> reporter: these bullet holes at the home on castle way, a reminder of that terrible day back in july. a witness that night claims a black male knocked on the door and pointed a gun at him. >> the suspect demanded that he called mr. pierre to the door. >> reporter: when he did, the maot took off. >> we know that jay was targeted. but what we don't know is why. >> reporter: the only clues police will release are these photos. take a good look. this woman is a person of interest and may know who pulled the trigger. the answers that police and his family are desperately searching for. >> i beg you. please, somebody, who is watching right now, i know you are watching right now.
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somebody for you to do for you, do it for me. please come forward. >> reporter: a very sad situation for this family. an $8,000 crime stoppers reward is being offered in this case. we have more information on our website, josh? >> melissa, any word on if the victim knew the shooter? >> reporter: police would not say. but they said the shooter targeted this victim for whatever reason. >> okay, melissa marino, live for us tonight. thank you very much. the dozier school for boys has cast a shadow over the town of mariana. it was the site of child beatings, sexual abuse, and murders. now the families want the place to be torn down. they are wanting to organize a memorial, but having some trouble. matt galka explains. >> reporter: what should happen to the dozier school for boys?
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immeasurable pain for so many. >> a large memorial of solid gray granite. to commemorate of the boys who died at the school. >> community meeting space for forgivened and embrace here in this county. >> we are fully willing to accept those remains if the state is willing to work with us. >> reporter: some people who spent time at this facility e the issue. charles fudge is part of the white house boys. a group of boys who said they were victims of beatings. he wants remains nowhere near the site. >> those boys died because they tried to run away and leave there. why would we want to leave their bodies there? >> reporter: but richard huntley sent to dozier from orlando for truancy feels like sending remains elsewhere like tampa, an idea that was
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school's awful history. >> why would something happen in jackson county but now you have it in tampa? why? you don't want that on your hands. >> reporter: final recommendations are due to legislatures by october 1. in mariana florida, matt galka, newschannel8. >> the final say is up to the legislature and the cabinet. they voted to rebury them in jackson county and tallahassee. there will be o popular swimming area. an alert from the cdc reveals cases of brain eating amoebas are on the rise. the single cell critters were found in streams and pools near the spring. two people are safe tonight after a small plane went down in the everglade. these are aerials of the
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passengers from the aircraft and an officer tweeted the two people gave a thumbs up. no one was hurt. scientists say global warming is killing coral reefs. and that could mean some major impacts to florida's economy and food sources. but scientists have developed a ground breaking method to regrow the reefs. newschannel8's john rogers is in sarasota and tells us why this work is so desperately needed. >> reporter: good evening. coral reefs ma water but they provide a valuable resource not only to florida but coastal communities throughout the world. that is why it is important to save them. sites like this are what people seek out. lovely colorful coral. but all over the world, coral reefs are dying, victims of coral bleaching. it is caused by rising ocean temperatures from global warming. >> they are like the ocean's rain forest.
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diverse habitats on the family. >> reporter: corals support a multibillion dollars tourism industry. the reefs are home to many of the fish and sea life we eat every day and provide a barrier during hurricanes and storm surge. the marine scientists say 40% of the world's coral has died. >> coral has been in trouble for the last 30 years. >> reporter: so dr. david vaughn is trying to save them. he and his team have developed a method to regrow coral. they in labs. then they place these fragments onto dead coral skeletons where they will multiply and grow. >> we thought would take hundreds of years, but now we have learned to grow corals in record time. >> reporter: reefs can take centuries to grow naturally. but with this new method, and entire reef can be restored in one to three years. it is a resource we can't afford the lose. >> the value of them is pretty immeasurable. >> reporter: and the researchers are thinking ahead.
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coral that can withstand the higher water temperatures, the oceans are experiencing. mote marine scientists have started adopting this new technique in reefs throughout the caribbean and they are hoping scientists throughout the world will adopt this new ground breaking method. john rogers, newschannel8. still to come, they walked off the battlefield decades ago and are finally receiving their honors. >> coming up, from vietnam to korea to world war ii. a presentation for >> plus, another exciting night in rio. while the games near a close, the competition is fiercer than ever. a preview of what's to come next. >> temperatures have reached the 90s . thunderstorms could develop in those areas. we have seen a few pop. some of the cooling showers. we'll look at the weekend
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>> welcome back. a group of veterans received military honors decades after their service. it happened at the armed history museum in largo. some of these medals were lost. some were never presented. one world war ii vet told us he didn't want to make it an issue when he was younger. >> i never really pushed it for anything. i never thought about it. you know. i had always been positive about the united states. and positive about everything it can be. >> i don't know why i said miami. i meant vietnam.
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obtain the medals and presented them today. a major milestone in the international space station. a door has been installed for visitors. space x and boeing say launches will resume in the next two years. we have been talking about this pattern shift with a westerly wind here developing this weekend. rain will push inland. al we see a few showers develop early in the day on the coastal areas. the trend is to push those showers east. high pressure will build in, limit the rain chances the next few days. in the mornings, a few showers possible near coastal areas. that is always a possibility. hula bay, not a pure bright sunny condition here. some overcast, 36 one- hundredths in the way of precipitation. 83 degrees the current temperature. some rain cooled activity. 85 there.
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west wind 10 miles an hour. a bit of overcast. had a half inch of rain here at freedom plaza. our temperatures 78 degrees. so, you can thank the showers for that. dropping the temperature. still hot in lakeland now with a southeast wind at 7 miles an hour. well, the rays forecast for tonight, the rangers are in town in case you are headed out to the game and want to tailgate or hang out at ferg's. 83 degrees. 7:10 this evening. at clearwater beach, jamel doing some stories thanks for taking the picture, but we see the darker skies while the folks are enjoying the white sands here. very nice day on the beach. nice hot day. a lot of the showers developing east of the location. temperatures will stay warm all the way through the weekend. 90 degrees would be the average this time of year. from north to south, this is where the shower activity is located at this point. relatively quiet as you see in
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few showers. they are falling apart. north of dade city. a few little showers east of downtown. tampa area near the port looks like with some outflow. that little line is cool air pushing toward the east coast sea breeze. so we could still see showers fill in, in this area. if you are in polk county, you might see a cooling shower. sarasota county, de soto county, those are drifting to the east. there's your forecast. at 9:00 p.m., 82. 78 at 7:00 a.m. 91 similar day tomorrow. 87 at the airport in tampa. 80 downtown saint petersburg. dew point 71. east to northeasterly winds. tropical storm fiona is a little weaker. won't be a factor for us. we will continue to report on it. as part of the atlantic hurricane season, 2016. we will forecast to stay out at sea. that's a look at the satellite imagery. weaker at this point, the conditions not very good for strengthening long term.
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this area for potential development. another area that is emerging off of africa. a 30% chance of development as the storms travel across the african continent. for this one that i referenced with that 50% chance. you can see the general consensus of a westerly move is always very interesting to us. we will continue to watch it. still miles away. this evening scatters storms could still develop in the spot i was quiet overnight. partly cloudy skies. warm conditioning. seasonal low temperatures mid to upper 70s as we get into saturday in the afternoon. you see the trend i was talking about of this west to easterly movement as the high pressure area builds in to the south and west and moves the flow. everything off to the east. that will be the trend all the way into the early part of next week. you can't rule out the slight possibility of seeing a morning shower. 30% rain chance for saturday. 20% for sunday.
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chances. average would be about 40%. high temperatures near 90 degrees. overnight low temperatures upper 70s . because of the breeze off the gulf, the overnight lows might be a little warmer. there is your weekend forecast guys. you can till come into work. but you don't have to come in. >> we have been taking a vote. i think we are all ready for the weekend. >> all right. >> thank you. now, 8 on your side special coverage of the rio olympics. >> those are fans in jamaica exploding in celebration. when usain bolt, the fastest man in the world, ran to another gold medal. this time in the 200-meter. look at him go. amazing. >> yeah. >> like another league. a league of his own. the united states has more than 100 medals and the team is pushing for more. >> reporter: jarod, these games
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>> reporter: huge events coming up. it reminds you of this. every four years we get these olympic games. that means you will see a lot of retirements at olympic games because this is a destination. we saw it earlier in the games with michael phelps. the greatest olympian of all time. we will see it again tonight with usain bolt probably. from his stride to his name. >> it is usain bolt in front. >> reporter: fate perfectly for usain bolt. since 2008, in every olympic race bolt has run, he won goldingly want to be the best. >> to be the best, you have to show up on the biggest stage. i want to prove to the world that i'm the greatest. >> reporter: earlier today, a major disappointment for team usa and wrestling. jordan burroughs stunned in a
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pace to win more medals here in rio than any other modern nonboycotted olympic games. and perhaps another gold medal could be coming sunday with team usa basketball. in a semifinal today with spain, the americans win again, 82-76. pretty strong in that game. they had the lead up to double digits as they move through the second half. spain is an excellent team. the second ranked team in the world. they will get australia or serbia come sunday. congrats to the water polo women's team. they beat italy. >> all right, cleaning up. how likely is it that team usa will win the gold in track and field? >> reporter: there is a possibility for a gold. jamaica is the favorite in both. but usa had that one team runoff on the women's side.
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battle for the gold medal. women's pole vault. a couple of contenders. >> thank you jarod. live from rio. athlete ifs the sunshine state continue to shine in rio. last night, karan clemente won in the 400-meter hurdles. he won two medals at the summer olympics in beijing in gainsville shape you as the man you become? >> good question. being in florida, and having the coaching staff, michael holloway, he is a great coach. he pretty much brings out the best in me. i'm just really honored to bring back a gold medal for the city of gainsville. >> you can hear the entire interview during our olympic show at 7:30. paul will be in rio through the end of the games this weekend.
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olympic section of meanwhile, the destruction is rampant and the threat is ongoing. >> coming up next, stubborn homeowners who won't leave and firefighters risking their lives to save them. where another california wild fire is putting people and property in danger ahead. >> and remember, you can join jenn holloway, julie phillips, and me on newschannel8 at 8:00 on great 38. >> ahead on nightly news, a newly identified zika infection zone in florida prompts a new travel women. details on that. does ryan lochte's apology over his false robbery story close the case? ? ? the ford freedom sales event is on! our biggest event of the year just got better! ? ? announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs.
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that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ? ? now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire ford lineup, plus specially tagged vehicles get a thousand smart bonus. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, g to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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>> one person is dead, 19 are injured in a violent transit bus t-bone accident. one bus smashed down on its side almost in half in newark, new jersey this morning. debris scattered all over the roadway. emergency crews arrived on the scene of the deadly crash. one of the buses was not carrying passengers. some sad news out of detroit. a ten month old baby died after
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over her. she was playing with other children and her father in the backyard when she took a few steps on the the driveway right in front of the suv's tire. the mother crushed her daughter. the child was pronounsed dead at the hospital. overnight in california, out of control flames were fed by dry brush and whipping winds. firefighters struggled to keep the blue cut fire in check. it has destroyed 96 homes. scorched more than 36,000 acres and it is with 34,000 more homes still on the brink, the end of this monster inferno is nowhere on the horizon. in baton rouge, anheiser- busch is rolling in with the trucks. they are answering the call from red cross for fresh drinking water. the donation is their largest since superstorm sandy in 2012 bringing donations to more than a million cans. next year's nba all-star
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new orleans instead of charlotte. this came in reaction of a controversial north carolina law. it bans transgender people from using restrooms connected to their identified genders. the game is in smoothie king center in louisiana. newschannel8 at 6:00 is next. >> a flasher is on the prowl at usf the semester. we will show you what the students are doing to protect themselves. plus, are you on the do not call list and still getting the pesky unwanted phone calls? well, you are not alone. we will tell you about a change that could be the reason why. >> today, the university of south florida held a conference on zika to talk about research. it comes at a time when congress recessed without funding a zika bill. i'll talk to our u.s. representatives about that. >> and hillsborough county, there's a bit of a loophole.
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cat, it's a feral cat. then, he doesn't need to be vaccinated for rabies every year. >> those stories plus your storm team 8 forecast and sports with dan lucas coming up on newschannel8. the station that is always on
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>> right now, on newschannel8 at 6:00. >> zika spreads to a new area in south florida. and this time, it is a tourism hot spot. >> and a rude welcome to students returning to a bay area university. the search is on for a campus flasher. >> plus, does do not call mean anything anymore? the frustrating reality of a registry that doesn't seem to be working. good evening, i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us tonight. new worries about the zika
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florida tonight. there are five new cases transmitted by mosquitoes in our state. but, for the first time, they are linked to a different area. we are talking miami beach. that is outside the original one-mile radius in wynwood where officials had been saying all of the local transmissions were happening. the cdc is telling pregnant women not to travel to the south beach area and the push for more urgent than ever. rod carter, there is still so much we don't know about this problem. >> reporter: you know what keith? passing legislation for funding for zika research to get some of the answers that you were just talking about, as pesky as the mosquitoes causing all the problems. two u.s. congressmen from the area came here to usf to tour mosquito research lab. it comes days after congress


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